Thank You for a Year of Collective Accomplishments in 2023

November 13, 2023

From all of us at MALT, thank you for your ongoing support throughout 2023. Looking back over the year, we are deeply grateful for all that we’ve been able to accomplish together. Of course, none of this would be possible without your commitment to protecting Marin’s agricultural lands.

Thank you.

In the last fiscal year, we conserved more than 1,200 acres near Tomales through the protection of the McDowell and Duncan ranches, expanding upon an 11,000-acre contiguous block of MALT-protected land that now extends across Marin County. This work builds upon our foundation of more than 55,700 acres of protected farm and ranchland—collectively one of the largest areas of conserved land in the entire Bay Area.

The scale of our growing network of conserved land can be staggering. But equally overwhelming is the generosity and commitment of this community. You are the spark that makes this work possible and we appreciate all that you do for Marin County agricultural preservation.

Watch the video below and learn more from our executive director, Lily Verdone, about our collective accomplishments in 2023:

Each year is a chance for us to build upon our legacy of successful farmland preservation, the foundational blocks of our community’s resilience and well-being. But none of this is possible without your ongoing support and commitment to this place.

You’re the cornerstone of MALT’s success.

Discover more of our collective impact in the last fiscal year in our 2022-2023 Impact Report below. And as we look to the coming years, there is tremendous opportunity. Together we will continue to surpass the vision of our founders and help realize the power of our collective efforts.

Thanks for everything.

Impact Report – 2022-2023

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