Agritourism: A growing business

North Bay Biz

June 4, 2024

Local farms and ranches throw open the barn doors to the ag-curious, North Bay farms and ranches are finding agritourism is a viable way to generate profits that will offset the rising cost of insurance, fuel, feed and labor.

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Marin Voice: Next generation of local farmers needs your support

Marin IJ

March 3, 2024

When I began my career in agriculture in my mid-20s, after a decade as a chef in fine dining, working in award-winning vineyards and dairies that produced some of the best cheese in the country, I almost never saw anyone my age working for these operations. I began to wonder, where are the next generation…

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Growing a Future in Agriculture – Marin’s Next Gen Farmers Make It Work

Edible Marin & Wine Country

February 26, 2024

Gaze east from Highway 1 in Point Reyes Station and Black Mountain sits like a great hand, fortifying the West Marin landscape. It is a comforting, magnanimous geologic totem, the knuckles of the mountain reminding us that despite the vagaries of time—most recently drought and pandemic—the earth provides.

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West Marin easements aim to protect 1,700 acres

Marin IJ

December 13, 2023

Over 1,700 acres of West Marin land will be protected from development and preserved for agriculture due to two easements soon to be completed by the Marin Agricultural Land Trust. This month, Marin County supervisors approved a grant of over $1.8 million to help Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT) purchase an agricultural easement on the…

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Cultivating Open Spaces in Marin


October 13, 2023

It was a warm day but there was a comfortable, cooling breeze on the the ridge as we looked out across the rocky, straw-colored hills of western Marin County, past woodlands, creeks, soaring turkey vultures, swooping hawks and a smattering of cows all the way to the coastal bluffs and the gleaming, blue ocean.

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Marin launches social equity program with Measure A money

Marin IJ

October 12, 2023

Marin County has begun accepting applications for a new $800,000-per-year environmental grant program made possible by a rejiggering of Measure A tax revenue. The Food, Agriculture and Resilient Ecosystems program is designed to advance a laundry list of objectives on farming, the climate and natural resources. Methods to improve natural resource values include carbon-capture farming,…

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