MALT was founded in 1980 to protect family farms from mounting development pressures. In the decades since its founding, MALT has continued to advance farmland protection and preserve agriculture throughout West Marin. There are innumerable benefits of this work. 

In protecting farmland, MALT strengthens:

Since our founding, MALT has protected 57,492 acres of agricultural land—an area almost twice the size of San Francisco. This growing network of conserved farm and ranch land makes up the majority of privately owned agricultural land in West Marin. 

Beyond the natural beauty, this interconnected network of protected lands provides the backbone for our region’s ecological resilience, our thriving local food economy, and our community’s vitality and well-being.

Watch the video below and hear from a few members of the community about the value of MALT’s work and the challenges that lie ahead in safeguarding Marin County’s farm and ranch land.