One of MALT’s fundamental pillars centers on preserving agriculture for the future. While we have historically focused on protecting agricultural land as a key component of this strategy (and will continue to), we also recognize that our definition of agriculture includes land, people, and the agricultural economy. 

With that in mind, MALT acknowledges that in Marin, California, and nationwide supporting workers in agriculture and food systems means supporting the need for dignified and affordable housing. In our community, agricultural workers experience high rates of poverty, live disproportionately in housing that is in the poorest condition, have extremely high rates of overcrowding, and have low homeownership rates. These problems are complex and require systemic and innovative solutions.

MALT strongly supports the improvement in the quantity and quality of agricultural worker housing in Marin.

While staying focused on our mission as a land trust, MALT will continue to show support for the community and government efforts to improve ag worker housing in Marin, and, as appropriate, will partner with others to advocate for and create the conditions for improved housing for agricultural workers and their families.