Measure A is a quarter-cent sales tax, approved by voters in 2012, dedicated to protecting parks, open space and farmland in Marin County.

Our Position

Measure A protects the parks, open spaces and farmland that make Marin an extraordinary place to live, work and play. Measure A funding has been transformative for MALT; we encourage voters to approve Measure A on the November 2020 ballot and to campaign on the measure’s behalf.

Why It Matters

Since implemented in 2014, Measure A has allowed Marin County to award $14.02 million in grants for farmland preservation. With the support of the county’s Farmland Preservation Program, MALT has been able to protect 12 farms and ranches totaling 7,018 acres, providing habitat for common and special-status plants and animals.

Through the extraordinary efficiency of MALT’s public-private funding model, tax-deductible contributions are matched 1:1 with Measure A funds, doubling your impact.

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September 5, 2018

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