On June 7, 2022, Marin County voters approved the renewal of a one-quarter of one-percent sales tax that funds the protection, expansion, and preservation of open space, parks, and agricultural land — a continuing investment in a healthy Marin County for everyone.

For that immense support, we at the Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT) and our partners are truly grateful. We’re humbled that many people in Marin continue to believe in protecting our vital open spaces, parks and farmland.

Of the $14 million in projected annual revenue from this tax:

Measure A – Impact to Date

Since its passage in 2012, Measure A has allowed Marin County to invest $19.7 million in farmland preservation. With the support of the county’s Farmland Preservation Program (Measure A funding), our team here at MALT has protected 15 farms and ranches totaling more than 9,725 acres through the acquisition of agricultural conservation easements.  

Through the extraordinary efficiency of MALT’s public-private funding model, tax-deductible contributions are often matched 1:1 with Measure A funds, doubling the impact of MALT’s privately-raised revenue. 

To date, we have invested Measure A funding to protect:

Our mission to preserve Marin’s agricultural land for agricultural use began with our founders Ellen Straus and Phyllis Faber 42 years ago, long before the original Measure A sales tax was approved by Marin County voters. We intend to continue to build upon this legacy by finding the best way to be good stewards of both our donor’s support and this public funding.

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Aerial view of the Corda Family Ranch in Marin County - MALT

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