Ranching has been a part of the Point Reyes region for more than 150 years, since before the area became a national park. When Point Reyes National Seashore (Seashore) and Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) were first created, Congress and the National Park Service (NPS) agreed that farming families would be able to keep their land under agricultural leases/permits. Since then, these families have had to fight special-interest groups to protect their land and production. Now, family farmers in the Seashore and GGNRA are awaiting the outcome of federal legislation to extend 20-year leases to their ranching operations. At the same time, the NPS is updating their General Management Plan (GMP) which addresses their intentions for ranching in the Seashore.

Our Position

Because the continuation of agriculture in the Seashore and GGNRA directly affects our mission to permanently protect Marin’s agricultural land for agricultural use, MALT unequivocally supports sustainable farming and ranching in these areas.

Why It Matters

Together, the ranches in the Seashore and GGNRA represent nearly a fifth of Marin County’s agricultural acreage and production. These working farms and ranches help support our local economy and sustain a network of agricultural services as well, such as veterinarians, truck drivers and more. The Seashore’s ranches also represent a significant portion of the county’s managed coastal grasslands, which provide habitat for endangered species, sequester carbon and thereby reduce the greenhouse gas effect, store water, support pollinators and keep invasive plant species in check.

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