How to Set Up a Fundraiser on Facebook for MALT

November 3, 2018

Are you interested in helping protect Marin’s farmland forever with something as simple as creating a post on Facebook?

Now you can – by setting up a fundraiser for the Marin Agricultural Land Trust.

It’s simple, it’s powerful, and it makes a big difference in helping us do the work that we do. And, yes, you do need to have a Facebook account.

It’s great way to raise money for a good cause on your birthday or on any day.

On top of that, Facebook charges no fees for donations to nonprofits. All donations will go directly to MALT.


Here are the simple steps:


Be sure to choose Marin Agricultural Land Trust for who you are raising money for.

Then select an amount you want to raise. Remember that the amount is inspirational and you don’t have to meet the goal you set.

Click a date for the fundraiser to end. You should give enough time for friends and family to see the post so 3–5 days is a good amount of time.

Then click the “next” button.

On the second page, you have the opportunity to personalize your fundraiser.

For example, you could change the title to “Help me protect Marin’s farmland forever” or “Donate today to protect family farms and local food”

You could also personalize the “Why are you raising money?” section.

You could talk about the bike rides and hikes you’ve taken in West Marin and how MALT help preserves the farms and ranches that help create the landscape, or you could talk about how important and delicious locally grown food is and how MALT helps protect a major agricultural area just outside a major metropolitan area.

You can personalize to however you would like or you can just leave in the pre-populated content.

Then click the “next” button.

Then select the photo you want to use for the fundraiser.

Finally click the create button, and you are done.


Here are some simple steps you can do to support your own fundraiser for MALT.

1. Share it to your timeline

2. Tag or message friends you think might be interested in MALT

3. Monitor the fundraiser and thank anyone who donates and interact with anyone who comments

4. Share updates towards your fundraising goal

Thanks so much for helping support MALT’s work to protect farmland forever.

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