Meet Faith Welch, Marin County’s Newest Farmer

Matt Dolkas - MALT

By Matt Dolkas, Senior Manager, Marketing

April 8, 2024

There are some people called to the land, compelled by a deep-rooted sense of purpose to participate more closely in the natural order of things. Faith Welch is one them, Marin County’s newest young farmer. 

Raised in Novato, Faith found herself at a crossroads after four years in the dental profession. Despite enjoying her work, she felt a lack of fulfillment, a sense that something was missing. “Dentistry was a “big kid” kind of job and I enjoy it, but it never fueled some sense of purpose within me,” Faith said. “I wanted to be a farmer, but it all seemed impossible.”

Having grown up in a family of avid gardeners, Faith had always returned to the soil, a childhood hobby that brought her joy. Tending to her backyard garden, she often daydreamed about the prospects of running her own farm and creating a space where people, especially children and teenagers, could reconnect with the earth and learn about sustainable farming practices. 

“I’d watched a documentary about Soul Fire Farm,” Faith said. “Learning about the food justice movement, the lack of land access, and the history of Black people in agriculture…it sparked something in me. I knew I wanted to serve our community in a similar way.” 

But, at that time, it was all just a dream. 

Photos by Michael Woolsey

A few months later, Faith’s grandmother took her on a tour of farm stands throughout West Marin. As one of her strongest cheerleaders, she had encouraged Faith to go see the farming operations on the larger landscapes. After a full day of touring, their last stop was at Tenfold Farmstand and that’s when it all came together.

“I’m here to help foster a bigger connection—it’s more than just food, it’s community and connecting to this place.”

“Meeting Catherine Clark, the owner of Tenfold Farmstand was an unexpected blessing,” Faith explains. “We all hit it off and over the course of a few conversations she offered me an opportunity to work with her, and eventually, to utilize a neighboring plot of land to start my own farming venture, selling at the Tenfold Farm Stand. It was all so serendipitous.”

With limited resources and no prior experience in agriculture, Faith embraced the challenge. “Sometimes you have to step out in faith and believe that it will work out for good,” she admits. As Faith’s farming endeavors gain momentum, she is envisioning a broader impact beyond selling produce at the farm stand. She dreams of establishing outreach programs to engage youth in gardening and environmental education. As Faith said, “I’m here to help foster a bigger connection—it’s more than just food, it’s community and connecting to this place.”

Go visit Faith at the Tenfold Farmstand and stay tuned on Instagram.

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