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In Support of Cheese!

April 15, 2020

West Marin is famous for its cheeses. MALT has had the honor of partnering with many of Marin’s cheesemakers for decades, providing critical support as they got their cheese operations running. Cheesemakers, and their ongoing success, are essential to the agricultural economy — and the future of farming — here in West Marin.

With the shelter in place orders of COVID-19, residents of the Bay Area and people across the country are changing the way they shop and eat, purchasing more from farmers’ markets and grocery stores. And while milk, fresh vegetables and eggs are suddenly in high demand, cheesemakers are experiencing radical changes in their markets.

We at MALT urge all cheese lovers to support Marin’s cheesemakers by purchasing their cheeses, today. Because, right now, eating amazing cheeses also means protecting Marin’s farmers and farmland, forever. 

 Here’s how:

Find all of your local cheesemakers here. To learn how to purchase produce, meats, eggs and dairy directly from MALT producers, visit this page. A full list of retailers that carry MALT products can be found here.