Stewardship Spotlight: Gallagher North Bend Ranch

January 28, 2021

Each year, MALT’s Stewardship Assistance Program (SAP) provides conservation planning expertise and funding to farmers and ranchers on MALT-protected farmland, supporting them as they care for the land. To date, the program has contributed $1.25 million through 135 projects on more than 52 ranches.

Many critically important projects are the result of strong community collaborations among multiple local and regional partners and ranch agriculturalists. One such project was on Gallagher North Bend Ranch.

Learn more on how MALT protected 330-acre Gallagher North Bend Ranch back in 2016, allowing the ranch to stay in the family and remain in farmland forever.

Stabilizing Stream Banks

With heavy winter rainfall and rising water levels in Lagunitas Creek, the access bridge on Gallagher North Bend Ranch was threatened, and downstream North Marin Water District infrastructure risked serious damage. MALT provided technical assistance on a stream bank assessment and engineering designs, and in partnership with the County of Marin, significant stream bank stabilization measures were implemented: a log crib retaining wall was constructed, 500 willows and various native grasses were planted and tree root wads were strategically placed along the creek banks.

Planting willows along the banks of Lagunitas Creek will slow water velocity and increase sediment deposition, while root wads and native grasses will help protect against erosion and offer critical fish and wildlife habitat. This creek stabilization project will enhance water quality in Lagunitas Creek and protect North Marin Water District’s downstream well from contamination.

Learn more about SAP today and how you can apply for and/or support this work!