Protected Habitat: MALT Connects 14,383 More Acres

August 2, 2019

As MALT partners with landowners to protect farmland across Marin County, we’re creating contiguous blocks of protected habitat.

With the recent protection of 758-acre Ielmorini Back Ranch in June, MALT connected two separate areas of MALT-protected farmland, forming a new, contiguous 14,383-acre block of MALT-protected land. These 14,383 acres provide important habitat for native plants and animals. They’re also part of an important wildlife corridor spanning from the hills above the San Geronimo Valley to inland Sonoma County and Mount Saint Helena, providing an essential thoroughfare for migration.

It is estimated that 70% of California’s most rare, threatened and endangered plants and animals live on privately owned land.

To date, MALT has protected over 54,000 acres of farmland on 86 family farms and ranches. MALT works with landowners to steward these lands forever, visiting each year and partnering on projects to care for creeks, grasslands, forests, and other important types of habitat.

Explore our interactive map to learn more about Ielmorini Back Ranch and all MALT-protected ranches.

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