MALT Protects Ielmorini Back Ranch for Agriculture, Preserving Critical and Diverse Contiguous Habitat

June 26, 2019

Surrounded by protected farmland north of Nicasio — and offering stunning 360-degree views of West Marin and the greater San Francisco Bay Area — Ielmorini Back Ranch was at risk of estate development. This productive ranch boasts important habitat for American badgers, bobcats, mountain lions, western pond turtles and California red-legged frogs. Now, thanks to your support, MALT has protected Ielmorini Back Ranch for farming forever.

Protecting Contiguous Acres

The protection of this 758-acre ranch connects two separate blocks of farmland, forming a contiguous 14,383-acre stretch of MALT-protected agricultural land and associated habitats. These 14,383 acres are part of an important wildlife corridor spanning from the hills above the San Geronimo Valley to inland Sonoma County and Mount Saint Helena, providing an essential thoroughfare for migrating wildlife.

“MALT is proud to partner with the ranch’s owners, Doug and Cathy Ielmorini, and their four children to support their family dairy operation, protect important habitat and safeguard these productive rangelands for agriculture forever. We are very grateful to both Doug and Cathy for their partnership, and look forward to the years ahead as we work together to steward these precious resources.”

Jamison Watts, MALT Executive Director

Supporting Diverse Habitat at Ielmorini Back Ranch

In addition to providing over 300 acres of productive grasslands to support the family dairy business, the ranch is home to the headwaters of Arroyo Sausal, which feeds this ranch’s pristine redwood groves, Douglas fir forests, bay-oak woodlands, perennial and annual grasslands — including abundant stands of California’s state grass, purple needlegrass.

With the addition of Ielmorini Back Ranch, MALT has now protected 54,209 acres of Marin’s farmland from development for farming, in perpetuity.

Leveraging Measure A Funds

Ielmorini Back Ranch’s protection was funded by private donations to MALT from supporters like you, as well as $1.516 million from Measure A. Since 2014, Measure A has allowed MALT to leverage $14.02 million in grants to protect 12 farms and ranches totaling 7,018 acres. Further, Measure A has made it possible for MALT to preserve 17.5 miles of streams, 1,815 acres of forests, 4,886 acres of grassland and 28 acres of wetland.

Thank you for making this most recent accomplishment possible. From the redwoods to the rangelands, the bay-oaks to the bobcats, MALT thanks you.

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