Women-Owned Farm Stands in Marin County

March 20, 2023

This Women’s History Month, we want to recognize the contributions of women farmers in our community. Women-owned farms here in Marin County are a driving force behind our sustainable agriculture movement, promoting environmental conservation, community engagement, and economic growth — and we wouldn’t be here today without the strength and commitment of these visionary women. 

Our very own founding and success is the product of two trailblazing women, Phyllis Faber and Ellen Straus, who pulled together the environmental and ranching communities to help protect family farms from mounting development pressure. Founded in 1980, the Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT) was the first land trust in the country focused on protecting farmland — an idea that has since been replicated around the world. 

Because there are so many women farmers and ranchers to celebrate in our community, it’s difficult to spotlight a select few. But here are two of the women-owned farm stands in Marin County for you to stop by and support. With the spring season now underway, these women are hard at work growing and raising food for our tables, so it’s time to plan your next visit.

Jessica McIssac, Pasture Fresh Eggs

Jessica McIssac is the founder and operator of Pasture Fresh Eggs, a distributor of organic eggs for five families within the Petaluma area. You might have seen her products while shopping at the North Bay’s Whole Food locations. Their products are truly pasture-raised, as the laying hens are never locked indoors and have 24-hour access to fresh Marin County grass. You’ll find these delicious, sustainably-raised eggs as well as homemade jams, honey, baked goods, chocolate treats, granola, bath supplies, succulent plants, and seasonally fresh flowers at her roadside farm stand (directions below).

Jessica also supports the family’s dairy business and the stewardship of the 219-acre McIssac Ranch (where the farm stand is located), protected by MALT in 1991. A mother of three kids and an active member of the Tomales community, it’s remarkable what this she accomplishes on any given day of the week — an invaluable member of the local agricultural community.

Driving directions: View on Google Maps for directions to this farm stand.

Molly Myerson, Little Wing Farm

Molly Myerson got her start in farming tending to her family’s plants within their New York City apartment. She is now the proud owner and operator of Little Wing Farm near Point Reyes Station, a bio-intensive, organic farm that produces vegetables and flowers year round. All of the farm’s revenue is generated at Molly’s self-serve, honor system farm stand. It’s an easy stop along the way into town and the Point Reyes National Seashore.

This farm is located at the center of Black Mountain Ranch, a 1,192 acre protected by MALT in 1993. Molly’s farm stand is your chance to connect with this landscape, and some of the best locally produced organic produce and cut flowers in Marin County — both the stand and its owner are icons in our agricultural landscape.

Driving directions: View on Google Maps for directions to the Little Wing Farm’s stand.


Every time you shop, you can choose to support your local food economy and the farmers and ranchers who help steward this vital landscape. Start today!

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