March Events in (and Near) Marin

Becky Wiegand - MALT

By Becky Wiegand, Manager, Digital Communications

February 28, 2023

Marin’s March events calendar is filling up with lots of green this month – green hillside hikes, shamrocks and clover sprouting across farms just in time for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, and spring festivities toward the end of the month.

It’s the perfect time to venture out for a hike, swing by a farmers market, join a trail restoration at a favorite park, visit a local farm, or watch an online nature talk. We’ve got you covered for all the farm, open space, and nature-loving events in Marin (and nearby) this March.

Check out one of the free MALT-hosted wildflower walks on our events page to join us out on the land too!  

Farm Visits and Tastings

View the days and times of weekly farmers’ markets hosted by the Agricultural Institute of Marin around the Bay Area as well as this list of farmers’ markets sorted by day of the week.

You can book food and farm tours to visit multiple producers of local food and fiber in one day-trip!

Wildlife and Nature Events

Ilemorini ranch

Hikes, Walks, Rides, and Climbs

Virtual Events

Produce from Sunday's Farmers Market - MALT

Markets and Family Fun

Volunteer Opportunities

Please double check details for all Marin events at the links above before venturing out, as MALT is not the hosting organization of most events listed here. Dates, times, fees, or restrictions may change. 

Eat Local, Stay Connected

Every time you shop, you can choose to support your local food economy and the farmers and ranchers who help steward this vital landscape. Start today!

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