Events in Marin: December 2022

November 21, 2022

It’s the season of giving so we are gifting you with a roundup of local events on the land in Marin this December! As the weather is cooler and fields are harvested, we have the opportunity to look back on the abundance of the past summer and fall seasons with gratitude.

To enjoy these final weeks of 2022, I’ve highlighted events and activities below that give back to and connect us with the natural and working lands of Marin, as well as the entrepreneurial “maker” communities that provide us with food, fiber, and crafts with their hard work and talents.

I invite you to share in a moment of gratitude – while you sit to celebrate with friends and family this coming holiday season – for the abundance that is born from the beautiful land around us and all our local agricultural community helps bring to our tables.

Give Where You Live

This Giving Tuesday, support our work protecting agricultural land across the region.

Check out the sections below, where you can find ways to give back through volunteering, ways to connect at local makers’ and farmers’ markets, and opportunities to be out on the land.

A group of volunteers hold shovels and wear sunhat, while giving back at an event on the land in Marin.

Giving Back and Volunteer Events

Two brown goats square off with one another at a farm tour event on the land at Toluma Farms in Marin.

Tree Farms, Farm Tours, and Ranch Events

A brown Cooper's hawk perched on the branches of a tree, which is what you may see on a hike, walk, or nature talk.

Hikes, Walks, and Nature Talks

A man and woman carrying a basket and a tote bag that says "Support Your Local Farmer" outside at a farmers' market event.

Farmers’ and Makers’ Markets 

Two young girls in winter coats, watching something out of view, laughing at a family fun event.

Family Fun Events

Please double check details at the links above before venturing out, as MALT is not the hosting organization of the events listed here. Dates, times, fees, or restrictions may change. 

Eat Local, Stay Connected

Every time you shop, you can choose to support your local food economy and the farmers and ranchers who help steward this vital landscape. Start today!

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