Steven Pozzi Wins California’s Top Prize at the Young Farmers & Ranchers Discussion Meet

January 20, 2022

Locally and across the globe, how can the California Farm Bureau (CFB) help farmers and ranchers increase their efficiencies, use valuable resources and transition to green energy practices on the farm and on the ranch?

That question — and the discourse that followed — earned Marin County’s Steven Pozzi top honors in the California Young Farmers & Ranchers (YF&R) Discussion Meet, held last month at the CFB’s annual gathering in Garden Grove.

The state YF&R Discussion Meet, a competitive event that simulates a committee meeting, evaluates participants on how well they exchange ideas and information on a specific topic. The competition is intended to boost members’ ability to analyze agricultural issues and decide on the best solutions.

Steven Pozzi, second from right, with parents Martin and Sally, and sister Regina at Preston Point

Be Sustainable

In his winning analysis of the challenges facing California, Pozzi discussed the need to incorporate renewable resources.

“It is really important that we as agriculturalists, as well as the public, understand that agriculture is green,” Pozzi said, “And agriculture is a key piece that the entire world will need for us to go forward and be sustainable and eco-friendly.”

Pozzi added that the Farm Bureau, through its policy efforts at the state and federal levels, has advocated for carbon fixation—or putting carbon back into the ground. He also cited an example of a Stanislaus County farmer profiting by selling methane to the City of Turlock, which is converting the resource into fuel.

Sweet 16 at the Nationals

As this year’s state winner, Pozzi went on to represent California in the national contest during the American Farm Bureau annual convention and trade show in Atlanta in early January.  Although he didn’t make it to the convention’s “Final Four” round, Pozzi did advance all the way to the “Sweet 16” round – which is pretty respectable for a 20-something farmer competing with contestants who are typically 30-something and more experienced.

But, Pozzi said, he feels inspired enough to compete for other Farm Bureau honors. This year, he’ll try for the YF&R Excellence in Ag and Achievement awards.

A member of the Sonoma-Marin YF&R, Pozzi is a sixth-generation rancher and the son of Martin and Sally Pozzi,  owners of  Preston Point Farm & Ranch and a MALT-protected easement near Tomales.

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