It’s Been Nearly Four Decades of MALT and George Lucas Land Partnership

Becky Wiegand - MALT

By Becky Wiegand, Manager, Digital Communications

August 12, 2022

Here’s out of this world impact, here in Marin County:

It’s been 37 years this week since Marin Agricultural Land Trust and George Lucas, via Lucasfilm, Ltd first partnered to preserve more than 2,500 acres of prime agricultural land on Skywalker Ranch in the Lucas Valley of Marin County in a perpetual conservation easement.

We also celebrate that this week is the 21st anniversary of Lucasfilm and MALT preserving the adjacent Big Rock Ranch, protecting an additional 2,300 acres of land in perpetuity.

In total, 4,834 acres are preserved forever in these two MALT-protected properties:

Totaling close to 5,000 acres of protected land, these ranches form a cornerstone for conservation efforts regionally and are key to all life moving within, across and past their boundaries. (click to expand)

Through their stewardship efforts, MALT conservation staff have observed a major reduction over the years in the encroachment of invasive vegetation across the ranches like purple star and milk thistle. They’ve also made improvements to water management and rotational grazing practices to help improve soil quality and increase drought resilience.

View from atop a hill on Big Rock Ranch.

Thank you to George Lucas and Lucasfilm. for the continued partnership in stewarding these lands for 37 and 21 years, respectively, that make Marin County so special. Protecting and responsibly stewarding lands like these helps all of us by reducing wildfire risk, supporting healthy habitats, and bolstering local food economies.

Cattle grazing atop a hill on Skywalker Ranch.

Thanks to YOU, our MALT supporters who are helping us continue to preserve farmland throughout Marin County, spanning more than 54,000 acres to-date, and more to come with your continued dedication to our work.

Together, we are making a difference.

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