Meet the Visionary Leaders of MALT

February 16, 2021

We want to introduce you to MALT’s thoughtful, charismatic and visionary leaders — Ray Fort, acting executive director, Kathryn Lyddan, director of conservation, and Jennifer Maude Carlin, director of advancement. Ray, Kathryn and Jennifer bring their own unique set of skills, forethought and experience to MALT with a collective passion to preserve and steward Marin’s agricultural land forever. Hear from Ray, Kathryn and Jennifer directly in a compilation of one-minute videos below.

Ray Fort, Acting Executive Director

Ray joined the MALT team in 2016 to serve as director of operations. In July of 2020, Ray stepped into the role of acting executive director while the search to replace MALT’s outgoing executive director was underway. In both of these capacities, Ray oversees all day-to-day business for MALT, including finance, human resources, facilities and IT, and supports MALT’s conservation work.

It’s just fascinating for me to be around really intelligent people who care so much about a very complex part of our life that can’t be reduced to simple black and white parables.

Ray Fort

Kathryn Lyddan, Director of Conservation

Kathryn oversees MALT’s conservation program, working with our easement acquisitions and stewardship teams. A former real estate lawyer, Kathryn has fifteen years of experience completing complex conservation transactions.

I have been doing this work for about 20 years and MALT was always the dream. I knew I wanted to be involved in food and farming and I had this land use background so the land trust was a perfect intersection of those two things for me.

Kathryn Lyddan

Jennifer Maude Carlin, Director of Advancement

Jennifer joined MALT in 2019 to lead its strategic fundraising, communications and outreach programs. Jennifer has worked in the nonprofit sector for more than 20 years with a focus on development, engagement, philanthropic partnerships and organizational capacity building. 

For me, one of the most important elements of this is the stories. We have 86 individual stories and none of them are alike.

Jennifer Maude Carlin

Meet the rest of MALT’s staff here!

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