Meet Allison & Donna, Longtime Volunteers of MALT

June 23, 2021

MALT’s impact in Marin and throughout the region is made possible by the generosity of our many partner organizations and agencies, supporters and volunteers. Our dedicated volunteers are essential to our work. They help amplify the message that protecting farmland protects our food, our community, our environment and our future.

“MALT volunteers do more than lend a helping hand. They are MALT ambassadors and valued members of the MALT community!”

Tristan, MALT Community Engagement Manager.

We are deeply grateful to all those who have volunteered with MALT over the course of our 41 years, generously donating their time, energy and passion to protect Marin’s farmland for farming. Below, listen to longtime volunteers Allison Puglisi and Donna Shoemaker speak to what inspires them to be invaluable MALT community members!

Donna Shoemaker

MALT supporter for 20 years & volunteer for 18 years

Allison Puglisi

MALT supporter for 23 years & volunteer for 14 years

Thank you Donna and Allison!

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