Corporate Circle Spotlight: Sola Bee Farms finds a home on MALT ranches of West Marin

Peter Fugazzotto - MALT

By Peter Fugazzotto, Director, Communications

June 4, 2019

Nobody works harder than farmers and ranchers. Except, maybe, bees.

In the last few years a neat partnership has formed out here in West Marin, unnoticeable, mostly, until you stop and listen.

Sola Bee Farms

Sola Bee Farms, ever in search of healthy, safe environments for its beehives, has begun partnering with several MALT ranchers to host its hives.

The bees, according to Claire and Trevor Tauzer, the co-owners of Sola Bee Farms, are loving it. They’re healthy and buzzing busily between the lush native grasses and flowers of these MALT ranches. The ranchers are happy too, already seeing the benefits of these busy little pollinators.

Add in the final result to that mix — delicious, raw honey — and you’ve got what we’d describe as a sweet win-win-win.

Trevor founded Sola Bee Farms in 2011. The Tauzer family has deep roots in Northern California, homesteading their original family farm in 1861.

Over 150 years later, they are proud to continue their devotion to local agriculture by working and tending to their beloved honeybees and livestock. Born out of Trevor’s commitment to his family history of farming, and a desire to try new things, Sola Bee Farms — and their delicious honey — have enjoyed early success.

Working with MALT

As the company has expanded, Sola Bee Farms has worked with numerous MALT ranches to host hives, always in small groups.

Healthy land means healthy bees, and vice versa, and a lovely symbiotic relationship has formed. As pollinators for native species, the healthy bees support regenerative agricultural practices and, in turn, thriving ecosystems.

So stop to listen for their low hum among the grasses next time you join us at an event, or look for the small bee boxes nestled among wildflowers and rolling hills.

We hope you’ll take some time to enjoy the sweet rewards of the bees’ hard work. You can learn more about Sola Bee Farms at

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