The Bell Family: For the Love of Food and the Land

August 3, 2022

“We all need to chip in so we can retain the treasure we have over the hill.”

David Bell

David, Lydia, and their daughter Julianne have been MALT supporters for over two decades. Their connection to West Marin started when David would take the family out on drives to enjoy the open space and farmland that MALT has helped preserve.

David, having spent time on his grandfather’s farm in Virginia as a small boy, felt especially connected to Marin’s agricultural landscape. As Julianne has grown up, she continues the tradition of taking drives out to West Marin.  

After years of observing productive farmland developed into towns and cities, David and Lydia were inspired to take action to protect Marin’s agricultural land. They became MALT supporters in 2000, and are continuing to help write a different story here in Marin.


Through the support of our generous donors, we have safeguarded more than 54,000 acres of agricultural land in Marin County. More than food and fiber, this landscape provides an essential nourishment for our physical and mental well being.

The Bells also share a special connection to agriculture through their love of food. Lydia is a phenomenal cook who can creatively improvise with anything in the fridge and make it unforgettable. Julianne, influenced by her time visiting West Marin and her mother’s love of cooking, now works at State Bird Provisions as a pastry cook, where they serve Stemple Creek Ranch beef and quail eggs from Little Wing Farm, both raised on MALT-protected ranches. Julianne has grown to understand that farmland preservation and local food production go hand in hand and are essential components of a healthy community. She hopes to continue to educate the next generation about the importance of this connection.

The Bells continue to support MALT because, as David says, “We all need to chip in so we can retain the treasure we have over the hill.” We hope that you too will bring your families and friends out to West Marin and share the treasure we have in Marin County!

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