Stories of Resilience

April 2, 2020

West Marin’s landscape is resilient. Through drought, wildfire and floods, this land has consistently recovered, adapted and evolved.

We at MALT are pleased and inspired to share that these past few weeks have served to highlight another long-standing, well-known truth: West Marin’s agriculturalists are resilient, too.

Already local heroes are emerging, taking dramatic steps to transform their businesses and protect their employees as they get milk to those who need it most and deliver meat and produce to families in the Bay Area and beyond. Now, more than ever, a secure local food system is what we need, and something we can work together to protect.

MALT is proud to support Marin’s agriculturalists during this uncertain time, and will continue to ask you to do the same by purchasing directly from Marin’s farmers and ranchers.

Just a few stories from the past few weeks:

Please continue to purchase directly from Marin’s farmers and ranchers. Every order makes a difference! And we at MALT promise to continue to highlight Marin’s incredible producers in the weeks to come.

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