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As the leader in agricultural land conservation in Marin County, the Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT) is at the forefront of local efforts to protect farms and ranches and the regional work to respond to climate change and to strengthen the future of agriculture.

Many of our latest achievements can be found below, including news releases, recent articles and a suite of media assets. Please check our story ideas from time to time for fresh ideas and seasonal story leads.

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  • In California, a Race to Capture the Water Before It Escapes

    PETALUMA, Calif.—Neil McIsaac has something many other dairy farmers here don’t: a storm-runoff capture system that can provide backup water for his herd when local reservoirs go dry, as they did last year. Already, he and others involved in the project say it has proven its worth. It has captured 670,000 gallons so far this winter,…

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  • Marin Voice: MALT’s work to support ecosystem is part of a climate-smart strategy

    In Marin County, ranchers and farmers are on the frontline of climate change – extreme cycles of dry and wet, famine and feast. While it’s easier to talk about the problems from the recent storms, the real work is in doubling down on how we build resilience and adapt to a changing climate by investing…

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  • Marin Voice: Program helps county ranchers, farmers to store, conserve water

    These past few weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time on ranches and farms across Marin County. Without a doubt, water is on everyone’s mind, but not exactly in the way most of us might be thinking. With the recent extreme storm events, our community has been inundated with flooding, persistent power outages and even…

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