Land Protection

Life of a MALT Sign: A Photo Essay

July 9, 2020

If you’ve traveled the roads of West Marin, you’ve probably noticed MALT signs standing tall in grazing pastures, framed by jersey heifers, positioned high up on grassy hillsides, posted on ranch gates and access bridges or at the entrance to a family farmstead. These signs, which have evolved with the organization over the course of MALT’s 40-year history, proudly mark farmland that has been protected forever.

We invite you to a take a photographic journey through West Marin with the help of our friend, Paige Green of Paige Green Photography, and celebrate the many MALT signs seen along the way. Each one is a happy reminder that, together, we are protecting Marin’s agricultural lands for agriculture use, stewarding a healthy and diverse natural environment and supporting a thriving agricultural community.

Straus Home Ranch, MALT protected since 1992.
Blakes Landing Farms, MALT protected since 1992.
Moore Ranch, MALT protected since 2004.
Barinaga Ranch, MALT protected since 1988.
Millerton Creek Ranch, MALT protected since 2018.
Dolcini-Davidson Ranch, MALT protected since 1991.
Longmeadow Ranch, MALT protected since 2007.
Bianchini Ranch, MALT protected since 2018.

Want to support MALT in protecting more of West Marin’s farmland for farming? Learn more about ways to give.