Once MALT has received a complete application, we will review the application and determine whether the application meets the following threshold criteria:


The proposed project will advance MALT’s mission, protect conservation values and provide public benefit,


The property, by itself or as part of a larger agricultural operation, has the capacity to support productive agricultural use,


The applicant:

  1. owns the land or
  2. is in contract to purchase the land; provided that, if the applicant is in contract to purchase the land, MALT will not actively work on the project until the applicant owns the property; unless there is an written agreement between MALT, the current owner and the applicant that the purchase of the property and the recordation of the easement will occur in a concurrent escrow,

The applicant is willing to maintain the property in agricultural use; provided that, if the applicant is not an experienced farmer or rancher, the applicant shall have a plan to keep the property in productive agricultural use.


The staff has not identified any readiness, financial challenges or risk factors that make the project infeasible.