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Ranches & Rolling Hills Art Show: 1998-2019

September 14, 2020

Born out of a desire to use art as a tool for land preservation, MALT’s Ranches & Rolling Hills art show originated in 1998 when MALT supporter and art lover Michael Whitt joined with esteemed artist Ray Strong to create an exhibit of Marin landscape art that would help to protect Marin farmland, forever. Opening with 32 plein air painters from West Marin and Santa Barbara’s Oak Group, Ranches & Rolling Hills proved to be a rousing success.

For the past 21 years, these artists ventured throughout Marin County to paint ranches and ranchers, livestock and pasturelands. Their work was shown annually at Nicasio’s Druids’ Hall until 2019, when the show moved to the Marin Art & Garden Center. To date, Ranches & Rolling Hills has raised more than $1 million in support of MALT’s work, attracted new supporters to the organization and inspired engagement in MALT’s mission.

While MALT will no longer produce the Ranches & Rolling Hills art show in its past format, we look forward to reimagining this special collaboration for future fundraising efforts.  

Below is a list of the painters, photographers and sculptors who helped to make this show such a tremendous success. We thank each of them for their participation. And, we encourage you, MALT supporters and art lovers, to continue to purchase their work by clicking through to their personal websites and gallery pages.